Installation and pre-requisites: does not install software on any the customers device.

To start the application please login to with your picksl account (emailadress).

Please make sure to have a valid subscription for plantype “speaker” and the “Zoom-addon” from picksl checkout.

To check this you can see this on:

manage subcription

Check and change your actual subscriptions

You will be asked for an email address to login which receives a one-time password (OTP) for security reasons.

Additional, you need to have a valid account to Zoom meetings!
Note: At the moment we only support Zoom meetings not to Zoom webinar.

Usage: connects you, your attendees and content to improve the result of your online meeting. The attendees can pick with picksl service the content they love and add their notes & ideas for further actions. They can address questions to the speaker directly from the app.
Your attendees aka pickers are moved from a “passive-tv-mode” to an activated “be-part-of” mode during the online meeting.

Do not lose a lead you deserve!

Speaker features:

  • Activate your attendees
  • Get more feedback from them
  • Get analytical view on the picked content from your attendees about your presentation

Picker features:

  • pick the slides you love from your Zoom meeting
  • add your thoughts and notes and create your pdf summary of the session easily
  • send a callback message to the speaker if you have a question or want to continue conversation offline