How do I start as a speaker or host?

Login with your picksl user on and manage your actions .

Notice: When entering the first time there is a introduction process running. This pops up once or if you login at a new PC.

Create new session

 for creating a new picksl Zoom session


 for empowering already existing Zoom meeting session with the picksl functions.


  • For picksl session at presence meetings or conferences choose “picksl”. The following process is always the same but will be explained in a separate howto.
  • For setting up a online meeting in combination of Zoom meeting including picksl functions choose “Zoom”



Fill out the fields only session name is mandatory


Requested is only session name – all the rest can be adjusted if you want. Plan your sessions in the future and send out invites like described below by selection the date and starting time. These is also valid for the Zoom session created.

Hit the “Create” Button.

Important: If you were logged in your Zoom account already picksl creates a picksl session and combined a Zoom session automatically. Enter your Zoom credentials when requested.

The webmeet invite message for the users to sent out is provided in this box and can be copied into the invitation mail. The attendees are logging in via the attached picksl session link.

Note: Do not send the Zoom meeting link to the attendees because they might get confused. ONLY THE PICKSL LINK will provide them the picksl experience.


Send your guests the link with picksl session – make sure to add the picksl link like this scheme:


Start the session as Host | Moderator | Speaker | Presenter



The zoom application is installed on your client.

Please login Zoom with your credentials when you are asked to do. If you have trouble in logging into Zoom please goto Zoom helpcenter.

When your finishing your session please close Zoom meeting.


Finish Session and review feedback

When you finished your Zoom meeting you can go into again and see the result of interaction your pickers have done. Please close the session because this starts the analytical job for creating the report.


example report as result of picksl session


This report gives you a feedback from your attendees in your meeting. Which content was picked and did they like what they saw. You can adjust your presentation if it does not set the major messages to your crowd as you like.

There is an overview on the number of contact requests (CBR) – depending on your plan there might be a limitation on the details you receive because your session was too successfull for your included buget. Please get intouch with us.

A detailed summary of the picked slides can be seen in the graph below. Due to the personal size of the snap area for each picker it is not possible to summarized them. On presence meetings they are summorized up because they pick the same data.