How to start as a picker?

Video introduction for pickers.


To join the session please click on the link provided in the invitation message by your host. You will be joining the session in your internet browser – when the host has started this. There might be a registration required from your host.

Attendee / picker login with browser (recommended: Chrome, Edge, Safari) Please enter your name and connect to the Zoom session. It will be displayed in Zoom window to all the attendees according the regulations there. All picksl functions are available by clicking on the custom button bottom right. It opens a pop up window which provides the picksl function.

Picker -PopUp window

This is your action box within the session. All functions available are centrally located here. If you want to move it somewhere else just grab it on the grey topbar and drop it where ever you like.


All buttons have a function – we kept it as minimal as possible. Mouse-over will show the function on each button.

Short howto:

Click Xaver for picking the slide

To write down your notes and comments. They are kept personal just for you to remind about the idea you had in at that moment. Do not loose your ideas and continue working on… the text is attached to this single picked slide. When you delet the slide it is gone too…

save your note and ideas you wrote.

Cut the the area you want to pick. There might be changes while the session you are attending like opening a chat window oder attedees list.

Share your pick with social media.

Request a callback from the speaker or event organisation.

Download your picked slides in a session report as a PDF file including your notes.

Delete a picked slide – also the attached notes are deleted.

Save your complete picks including the notes on our server to access and edit later again via You need to be registered to save your picks as picker” plan – free!

If you want to get in touch to the host following the session you can use this direct channel. They will love to come back to you. There is an option to select some picks to the message.

Please enter your details and confirm terms of service and consent to save and forward your data to the host of the session your are attending

register for free with a picker plan! When already logged in all is filled out.

choose the picks you want to sent

choose picks you want to send to the speaker

Download a complete script of the session you were attending with all picked slides and notes you wrote in to a PDF document. When your are registered as a picker on you can keep them and continue working with them.