Trouble shooting:

  • Do not send the Zoom invite link to your attendees!
    It will have the effect of not providing picksl functions. Your attendees become pickers only with the picksl link.
    Of course you can send out Zoom invite links without the picksl function – but why?
  • Make yourself comfortable with both applications. Setup your meetings in advance without pressure and handle professionally the apps.
    Avoiding trouble in front of your customers is always best to set up test meetings in advance. Make sure you are experienced in handling picksl and Zoom meeting. Meetings are free!

  • Wrong password
    If you cannot login to picksl please use the relogin & password renewal process on the website
  • Cannot setup a picksl-Zoom addon meeting
    Please check to have the Zoom addon to your account in “manage subscriptions”. You may contact the person administrating your organisations users.
  • Contact picksl support:
    Please allow us at some time to respond – our goal is 24hrs.