Publish your presentation to your audiance - live

Connect and contribute all attendants to your presentation to ensure they are involved what you want to tell

How does it work?

1. When you start your presentation just call the login on and select your scheduled seesion or conference in any acutal browser ( chrome, ie, firefox or safari).
The device must be online all the time!

2. Start the publishing of your presentation ( MS Powerpoint hit F5 button). Select in the browser the right application and check it in the the toaster.
The distribution can starts automatically and will be recorded on our servers.
Please ensure to have all publishing rights for your content.

3. The audience can participate in the session you started and pick the slides which are relevant for them.

4. Close the session when you finished.
on the website you get an overview about the number of attendants and the picked slides. Further details are availabe according to the plan.